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Fun as Big as Texas

"The Original Big Texas Coloring Book lives up to its name because it’s big, and it’s all about Texas. The pages are all set to add color and imagination into - All you need is an artist with the energy to color it all in. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know just the kid to do it!

This Texas-sized coloring book is a big ‘ol heap of fun for children 4-12, and coloring book fans of all ages. It was created by a native Texan for kids in and from Texas, wherever they may roam. You can take a person out of TX, but you can't take the TX out of a person, and the same goes for this. They can take this slice of Texas on planes, road trips, or just to the store with Mom & Dad."

Inside the book, you’re going to find all kinds of neat Texas stuff, like:

  • Texan foods
  • Texas history
  • Funny Texan License Plates
  • Boot Scoot Boogie Boots
  • Texas flags
  • Texas quotes

...And so much more!

Makes a Great Gift for the Lil' Tex in Your Life 

This fun-filled book will make the perfect gift for any kid interested in Texas, whether they live there or not. It’s a fun way to build awareness in kids of the big, beautiful world around them.

Stuff a stocking with it. Pack it in a travel bag as a surprise. Bring it with you when you visit the grandkids. Don't forget one for yourself so you can color along 😉

More Than Fun: Good-for-You Fun

Ten Great Reasons Coloring Books are an Essential Part of Childhood

  1. They help to build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  2. They can help develop focus in kids who complete tasks
  3. They’re a great screen-free way to spend some time
  4. They help with decision-making skills
  5. They prepare kids for following instructions in school
  6. With proper technique, they can help improve handwriting
  7. They can help with mathematical skills like geometry and proportion
  8. They’re a great form of expression, allowing kids to choose the colors
  9. The confidence from finishing a project can boost their self-esteem
  10. They allow creativity to flourish

Thought coloring was only entertainment? Let's look closer at a few of these.

As a child grows, these benefits can reach far beyond coloring. We won't go through all 10, but the following three are more than enough for me.

Building Eye-Hand Coordination and Fine Motor Skills Helps Kids Excel at Sports, Music, And Future Life Skills

  • Holding Crayons or pencils - the fine motor skills to properly hold and move the colors in sometimes tiny ways helps fine tune the muscles and the brain for all sorts of activities. Shooting a basketball with finesse, plucking or pinching a guitar string...controlling a steering wheel (but not until they're grown up, if I can help it! 😂)
  • Choosing colors - Searching through the options with the eyes, reaching out to grab the right one without dumping all the others. You know it's harder than it looks! This develops eye-hand coordination as well.
  • Placing color in the ideal spot - The connections between the brain and fine muscles of the hands are really tested - and expanded - by this activity, even if it takes them a while to get it down. You can see the progress and know they're growing!

Whether it's crayons, colored pencils, or markers, the skills developed using one to color are priceless in life!

Coloring Makes Focusing Fun, Which Builds Great Habits

  • How often are kids bouncing off walls, bouncing from one activity to the next? 
    Focus is tough even for adults! Imagine being a kid these days, with all the options for attention. Coloring has a special way of pulling in attention. When a child enjoys focusing on and completing a task - like coloring a whole page - they build great habits of focusing on their work.
  • Finishing a task and seeing the result reinforces the habit. Because coloring is fun and low pressure, kids are more likely to maintain focus all the way through. Then they get to see their art, and they feel good about it. This makes it easier to focus on harder tasks in the future.

Before long, focusing on boring schoolwork may even get easier!

Coloring Brings an Entertaining Alternative to Screens

  • Gives growing eyes a break from screens: Technology is great, and a pad or phone can provide a lot of fun. But, coloring books offer unique benefits for development, and are much easier on the eyes. Screen light disrupts sleep patterns and can cause emotional swings and attention issues.
  • Non-addictive: Pad games are fun, no doubt about that. But let's face it. They're addictive, even the learning-centered ones. Moderation is the key - get the brain active with other non-digital activities to maintain balance and calm.

Coloring books are the original pads, and still better in many ways!

Most Importantly...It's Fun

But the most important reason that kids should have coloring books is that they’re fun! That’s the main motivator for young people, and it’s probably the most important part of being a kid. If you can’t have fun when you’re young, it’s really hard to learn it as you grow up.

The Big Texas Coloring Book is 47 pages of good times waiting to happen. You can take a look here at what other people think of it, and order your own on Amazon - with Prime shipping available.

Y'all ready to lay down some colors as beautiful as our great state?


For Ages 4-10, and All Texans Young at Heart

  1. 1
    Days of entertainment: 25 unique Texas drawings
  2. 2
    Send each drawing as a letter: Backs of pages include a light-grey design that doesn't show through, with To: and From: spaces, and lines for folding
  3. 3
    Learn, smile, laugh: whether it's history, food, or Texas humor & sayings, your kids (and you) are gonna have a good time.
Big Texas Coloring Book cover

What People Are Saying About it

picture of coloring book reviewer Mary Langer Thompson

"Years ago I took a road trip with my son to Texas. It is in this book here I came to relive all the fun we had and all the sights we saw! I am loving this book and the time we get to spend together coloring these pages and remembering all our fun. "

Mary Langer Thompson
Amazon Customer
picture of Patsy, reviewer of Big Texas Coloring book

“Years ago I took a road trip with my son to Texas. It is in this book here I came to relive all the fun we had and all the sights we saw! I am loving this book and the time we get to spend together coloring these pages and remembering all our fun."

- Amazon Customer
picture of reviewer lizz and her cat

“Unique Texas Themed Coloring Book"

“This coloring book is very "Texas" and so creative. The paper is fine quality and each page is one-sided with To and From on the back to send as a letter with a signature line for the artist.

I have given as gifts to elementary age children and they love it."

- Amazon Customer

Available on Amazon!

That's one handsome coloring book. Full of drawings that are going to look great colored-in and hanging on your refrigerator or pegboard.

Big Texas Coloring Book Front Cover

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Daniel Larsen

Creator of Big Texas Coloring Book

The Story Behind the Book

While waiting on the phone, at a job he didn’t like in a state he couldn’t wait to leave, he sketched. Randomly, his homesick Texas thoughts came to life on paper.

He’d moved there for that job, and couldn’t wait to move back. He was already looking for a way.

It was only seven months before he found a job back home and returned to Texas.

With the move, the doodle notebook got tucked away and sat in a box for a few years. One day, while clearing out for a move, he saw it and smiled.

He opened the notebook to find a bunch of faces shaped like Texas staring back at him. Smiling, laughing, grinning little Texas’s. He was throwing stuff away, but couldn’t bring himself to throw that out.

He decided to do something with it, instead. At that time, there weren’t any Texas Emojis on iPhone. Texans had resorted to sending the [wrong] Chilean flag for the Texas flag, and that was all they had.

So, he set out to create an app, turning his doodles into digital Texas emoji stickers. Within a year, the app was in the app store for purchase. Texans rejoiced.

After getting lots of great feedback on the emoji designs, he took it a step further and started adapting the designs to create “The Big Texas Coloring Book”. Adults and kids enjoyed drawing in the designs. 

The rest is history. 

The Pros

  • Days of entertainment for the young'ns.
  • Texas drawings making grandparents smile when they open a letter.
  • Build eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills.
  • Build habits of focusing and completing a task
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Prepares kids for school and contributes to better handwriting

The Cons

  • Silent children making the occasional happy sound.
  • Cool Texas drawings to hang on the refrigerator.
  • Putting those ol' crayons to use.
  • Wait, these aren't cons. I guess there aren't really any cons to the coloring book.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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